Kisora Pathshala :Bhagavad Gita Study in one year (7 grade onwards ): Vedic School

A fun-filled learning experience for 7-12th Grade children based on the timeless wisdom of Vedic texts

Course Summary

The Kisora Pathshala at the VCC Vedic School provides fun filled strategies that present Vedic Culture to 9-12th grade children (15-18 years). The children will be taught a bird's eye view of philosophy from the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam in easy to understand language and picture presentations, all while allowing a safe environment for expressing individual doubts and clarifications openly in a rational caring manner. Through the medium of music, drama, debates, quizzes, games and open hearted discussions, youth will now be able to have fun while learning meaningful concepts and deep values from the ancient wisdom of the Vedas.

Course Curriculum


A great initiative by the Vedic Cultural Center to educate very young children far away from their cultural home. I see his eagerness to learn more Vedic principles and his inquisitiveness and moral compass are being tuned very nicely by the teachers!

Damodar D, Parent of Sisir

Kisora Class of 2017

He has learnt so many amazing stories that she always loves to share ones that even me and my husband have never heard of! His ability to communicate and critically think has grown tremendously.

Swathi D, Parent of Nikhil

Kisora Class of 2018

There is a multitude of activities such as video recording, dramas, sloka recitations, and rational discussions about spirituality! He has found amazing friends in the class and always loves attending the sessions.

Madavi T, Parent of Bhavik

Kisora Class of 2019


  • Annual Registration
  • $100 USD

    Annual Registration for Kisora Pathshala (9-12th grade / 14-17 years) for the period between September to April

  • Access to amazing, committed teachers with experience of nearly 15 years
  • Access to VCC children's Vedic library
  • Course material and assignments for the whole year
  • First privilege registration for activities & competitions conducted by VCC