Hindi Pathshala (Level 5):

A first and fun-filled learning experience for children with decent small conversation speaking knowledge of Hindi to speak Hindi fluently

Course Summary

The Level 5 course at Hindi Pathshala at the VCC Vedic School provides fun filled learning experiences that present the Hindi Language to children with beginner level speaking skills. The objective is to prepare students to speak in Hindi in class/everyday settings and have good discussions/preliminary bargaining abilities. Some things that children will learn include:

Count till 100
Use matras/vowel signs with great ease in written/spoken forms
Make assertive statements on food, health, leisure activities
Learning to politely agree/disagree
Role playing and story telling of longer moral stories
Discuss and ask about quality, quantity, price
Describe persons, ideals, personalities and appearances
Create and follow a simple recipe


Students must know all Hindi letters, should be familiar with all vowel signs/matras (able to write 3-4 letter words with matras), should be able to read a 10-sentence paragraph in 5-7 minutes, and be
able to talk about a topic of teacher’s choice.

Course Curriculum


A great initiative by the Vedic Cultural Center to educate very young children far away from their cultural home. I see his eagerness to learn our Indian languages, and our vedic culture. His mannerisms and his outlook to life are being nourished very nicely by the teachers!

Sundar D, Parent of Mukund

Class of 2019

He has learnt so many amazing stories in Hindi! Our extended family in India love to hear him share short poems and stories that astonishes everyone (besides giving us a nice laugh!). His ability to communicate and critically think, even in English, has grown tremendously.

Sita D, Parent of Gopal 

Class of 2018

There is a multitude of course material and learning activities such as video recordings, dramas, recitations, even impromptu projects! She has found amazing friends in the class whom she can practice speaking with, spend time with etc. and always loves attending the sessions.

Rekha S, Parent of Srinidi

Class of 2020


  • Annual Registration
  • $150 USD

    Annual Registration for Hindi Pathshala (Level 5) for the period between September to June

  • Access to amazing, committed teachers with experience of nearly 15 years
  • Access to VCC children's Vedic library
  • Course material and assignments for the whole year
  • First privilege registration for activities & competitions conducted by VCC